The eodataservice technology is getting more and more used in various domains to provide fast and reliable access to a large volume and variety of geospatial data, mainly from satellite platforms.

In a joint effort to bring Earth Observation (EO) services to a new level, e-GEOS and MEEO (SISTEMA´s mother company) has started a partnership to exploit at the maximum the potentialities of datacubes applied to COSMO-SkyMed, Copernicus, and other satellite data.

In fact, this innovative use of spatial data is made possible by the recent availability of time series of data on the long run, offered by both e-GEOS (through the constellation Italian radar COSMO-SkyMed) and by the huge amount of global images offered by ESA Sentinels, Europeans and other assets offering free data (such as the American Landsat-8).

New tools for data preparation and access facilitate and speed up the development of new services, making information retrieval from EO data easy and fast as it has never been before.