Cultural and natural heritage sites are amongst the most fragile and invaluable assets of our planet.

They are constantly exposed to weather and atmospheric conditions, including pollution, and they are particularly sensitive to extreme events, which are exacerbated by climate change. All these factors pose a risk to the physical conservation requirements of Cultural Natural Heritage (CNH).

For about 10 years we have assisted research centres, local, regional, national and international organizations as well as site managers in assessing exposure risks and identify and implementing mitigation measures.

We define risk levels based on long-term data analytics computed from Earth Observation data and climate re-analyses. Moreover, we issue warnings using short-, mid- and long-term forecasts and projection for fires, strong winds, floods, landslides and other threats.

We leverage our experience and ability to process a wide variety and large volumes of spatial environmental data to enable scientists and researchers to maximize the use of all available information, and we provide public and private administrators with tools that provide legitimate insights for managing CNH sites.