SISTEMA is proud to be part of the SDGs-EYES international consortium including CMCC, SatCen, EARSC, MEEO, WUR, T6 Ecosystems, FORDES, A.S.L. TO3 and PEFC Romania! The project kicked off in January 2023 in Rome, Italy.

SDGs-EYES, Sustainable Development GoalsEnhanced monitoring through the familY of CopErnicus Services, aims at increasing Europe’s ability to monitor progress towards the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It will use data, tools, and infrastructure from the Copernicus program to create a portfolio of products and services to assess and monitor SDG indicators that have an impact on the environment and society. The approach will be inter-sectoral, considering the interactions between different sectors.

SISTEMA is responsible for the implementation of the platform, which will serve as a community platform for SDG indicators. It will showcase five pilot projects, highlighting the benefit of incorporating Copernicus data into the monitoring of SDGs. This will create more awareness of the benefits and purpose of both Copernicus and the SDGs, eventually resulting in a wider adoption of both.